Maximilian Lutz

Hello! I am Maximilian Lutz.

PhD candidate, research assistant and lab manager at the University of Oldenburg

I am a social scientist who is interested in experimental research, stastiscal analysis and organizing labs.
I am currently focussing on the legitimazy of redistribution, principal-agent relationships in politics and testing of game-theoric models. Please visit OLExS, as well as my webpage for the Univeristy of the University of Oldenburg. After I studied Social Sciences (with a little Media and Communication Sciences) in Augsburg I finished my masters degree of sociology in Leipzig. From day one of my studies I focused on learning as much about empirical research as possible. Following my interests and skills I put most of my effort into data. In 2015 I joined University of Oldenburg as a research assistant at the working group "political system of Germany".


Cooperation with University of Mainz

I will be conducting experiments in cooperation with Prof. Claudia Landwehr and Prof. Philip Harms from Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz. The research project aims towards exploration of procedural prerences in democratic societies.

DFG grants 2,4 million Euro for the continuation of the DFG research group „Needs-based justice and redistribution procedures“ (FOR 2104)

The german research association (DFG) has granted additional means for the continuation of the research group „Needs-based justice and redistribution procedures“ (FOR 2104)„Needs-based justice and redistribution procedures“ (FOR 2104) for three more years. Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) hat die Fortführung der Forschergruppe „Bedarfsgerechtigkeit und Verteilungsprozeduren“
Link to research group homepage

FOR2104 concluding conference February 2018

I will be participating at the DFG concluding conference in Vienna frim 28 of February to third of March.2018.
Luckily I got the opportunity to have two paper talks and present two additional posters on the conference. So I am very much looking forward to the feedback!

Publications and Presentations